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 Hi – I’m EZ Pete, I have been in the entertainment business since 1992.  I research and select entertainment equipment and Companies to supply to my clients that are unique, stable, excel in customer service, and attract repeat play.  I work with my client’s needs, budgets and demographics and find new as well as used equipment to get them the best “bang-for-the-buck”.HI! Im EZ Pete  I also will find buyers for existing operator’s used equipment.  I attend and have been to most trade shows and have a data-base in excess of 10,000.  If you are looking for a specific piece of equipment that you don’t see on my site, call me and I’ll try and find it for you.ANCIENT HISTORY:Graduated from Indiana University 1968 in Geology.The Vietnam war was ongoing so I joined the USAF as a Navigator and served 4 tours in Vietnam. Separating at port upon return, “retiring early” as a captain without pay. lolGot in the Oil business with Dowell (Div of Dow Chem) and Nowsco Services holding various engineering and sales jobs and finally left as Sales Manager when it went bust in the mid 80’s.Became a stock broker for 5 years and met some guys that started a Lasertag company, back when there were only 3.I started EZ Pete Manufacturing, Inc in 1998 and have been representing many companies ever since. I elect to do this as I can diversify and present a number of products to my clients and not be ‘owned’ by any one company which allows me to present and work for my clients based on their needs, budget and demographics.I’m now 68 years old, a grandfather, 2 kids on the West coast. A son that is a Homicide Detective in Sacramento, Ca. and a daughter in HR in Portland, Oregon.

I spend hours on the phone as a consultant and designer of ‘fun mixes’ for your center.
Please call me on my toll free number 1-877-484-9621 and let me assist you in your endeavors.

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  1. Hi Pete, I am the owner of what used to be Q-Zar Atlanta laser tag. We closed up shop the first week of November. I have a 4,000 sq ft arena that is still installed in the mall that I need to get rid of. It’s 18 years old and in serious need of painting. Do you know anyone interested? No reasonable offer refused but the buyer will have to come get it and de-install it themselves so they should consider that in the price. Any help you can provide will be very helpful. Thanks!


  2. Hi Pete,

    i have a 40 by 40 laser tag unit with the black light fog and the sound system i am looking to sell. it is in new like condition and bought in 2007 used around 15 times. Also have 14 guns not sure the kind but i payed 1200 per gun there is no vest needed. I have pics on my web site as well. Also have a kick x inflatable made by cutting edge equipment and a boulder dash i would also like to sell. would be willing to make a package deal to someone who wants to start there own business. would be willing to deliver for a fee. The only reason i want to sell is i am looking to down size.


  3. I want to buy the bazooka guns with the bazooka barrel and foam balls but only need 4 as these are for my kids to play with can you sell them individually? If so about how much would each one cost me? I am looking to get them for my boys for Christmas!! Thank you..

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