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Mobile Laser Tag Equipment

The Number one Mobile Laser Tag system sold in the
Softplay and Inflatable laser tag game market today

Begeara Portable Laser Tag Equipment

In a world where "value added" can add so much more to your bottom line, the Begeara Laser Tag Game is a winner! Imagine a laser tag system so simple to operate and manage that you can roll up, open up, turn a key, and bingo! Instant income! Day in, day out.

Begeara is so well designed that your staff and operators can be trained in just a few minutes using the concise operations manuals supplied or by a quick two minute conversation. P&C Micros has developed what is arguably the simplest to operate laser tag system in world and priced it so competitively that there is so many positive reasons for your staff to want to sell or promote Begeara at your facility.

When you add Begearas ability to work in full sunlight (yes, outdoors) as well as bright light indoors, the possibilities for you to increase your revenue really escalate.
When Begeara was designed, the idea was for it to be used specifically with inflatable arenas. However, since its arrival in the market, Begeara has found other niches in areas that we ourselves never imagined. Here are just a few examples that show off the amazing versatility of this Laser Tag game. For more, talk to one of our consultants to see how to get Begeara earning you one of the best returns on investment in the industry.


The Begeara Laser Tag Equipment is the most advanced portable laser tag system on the market, yet is simple to operate. Simply open the sturdy case, issue the Phasors to the Players, plug in the Base Station, and start earning money. No computer is required, and managing games is simple, fast and stress-free with the Hand Held Mission Controller.

New Zone Laser tag's Bageara

Players will experience state of the art technology and a game play experience that will keep them coming back for more.

- Plays Happy Birthday Song
- Adjustable Game Times (1 - 60 Minutes)
- Red Lasers and much Brighter LED's
- Real Time Radio
- Audio and Graphical feed back
- Dual MP3 Sound effects
- View Score, Rank & Play names
- Even 4 Year old's can operate this
- For Softplay and Inflatable markets
- 10 built in missions
- 2 Bases (Red and Green)
- All Blue LED's in a solo game
- Hand held remote control wireless KeyFob
- Scoreboard solo = Top 3 players : Team = Totals for the team
- Quick charging = Hours of Li-Ion batteries for 24 hours or more of fun
The primary focus of Begeara Laser Tag is portability - everything you need to run a begeara game fits into the carry case, which can easily fit into the back of even a small car. The phasers, scoreboard, radio base station, charging unit and Mission Controller can all fit neatly into a single case.

New USA Onlypricing for Begeara Laser Tag Equipment Optional Items and items to build your own systems

  Complete Kits  
8 Player System Includes charger, Receiver, LED Sign, Travel Case $10,400.00
12 Player System Includes charger, Receiver, keyfob, LED Sign, Travel Case $14,400.00
16 Player System 2 travel cases with Receiver, LED Sign, keyfob, and chargers $18,500.00
8 Player Stand System Includes stand, receiver, controller, PC, chargers $11,500.00
12 Player Stand System Includes stand, receiver, controller, PC, chargers $15,500.00
16 Player Stand System Includes stand, receiver, controller, PC, chargers $19,500.00
Required Items (select at least one item with charging hardware and a Radio Receiver)  
Radio receiver Radio Receiver for Wireless Scoring
(for use with LED sign - not included)
Case with receiver Travel case with Radio Receiver, Charging & LED Sign Display $2,700.00
Begeara stand and Controller Includes charger, upgraded Receiver, keyfob remote, PC,
Video output (monitor not included)
Video Scoring upgrade Firmware upgrade for Radio Receiver only
(PC and monitor not included)
Travel Case Wheeled travel case with charger units built in $800.00
LED Sign LED Sign Includes connector cable $400.00
Mission Controller Handheld device for starting games changing phaser ID $300.00
KeyFob Controller Remote for starting and ending games $95.00
Begeara Phaser Phaser complete with Li-Ion Battery, hand strap and start key (minimum 6) $1,000.00
Ammo Dump Portable Device for adding game functionality $1,000.00
Bageara Inflatable Arena Portable Inflatable sealed Laser Tag Arena $13,000.00


Begeara 12 player stand system

Item #: NLT116 $15500.00

Begeara 12 player system

Item #: NLT117 $14400.00

12 player system Call For Price

Begeara 16 player laser tag system

Item #: NLT118 $18700.00

16 player Begeara Laser Tag System

Begeara 16 player stand system

Item #: NLT119 $19500.00

Zone Laser Tag Equipment Stand Begeara 16 player system

Begeara 28x2 LED sign

Item #: NLT120 $400.00

Begeara 8 player stand system

Item #: NLT121 $11500.00

Begeara 8 player system

Item #: NLT122 $10400.00

Begeara Ammo Dump Zoned Laser Tag

Item #: LT-B0104 $1000.00

Begeara Case

Item #: LT-B0105 $800.00

Begeara Case with receiver

Item #: LT-B0106 $2700.00

Begeara Inflatable Arena

Item #: NLT123 $13000.00

Begeara Laser Upgrade

Item #: LT-B0107 $150.00

Begeara Mission Controller

Item #: LT-B0108 $300.00

Begeara Phaser

Item #: LT-B0109 $1000.00

Begeara Radio Receiver

Item #: Begeara Radio Receiver $1500.00

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