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  1. Hi, I´am want to start a new business in my country Ecuador, I am interested in the electric Bumper cars, I will like to have more information about this entertainment.
    I will like to start this business in a local mall, please send me all the information of this bumper cars specification, weight and dimension and measures for import too.

    Do you export to other countries like Ecuador – South America?
    What´s the price of each car? will apply a discount in case I buy 4 units to start my business?
    Do you have bumper cars for kids and Adult size? if yes, please specify dimension and weights.
    Please explain more the Spin Zone option?
    Does each car has incorporate music when game start, like MP3 incorporate?
    How about battery is this like a motorcicle battery please send specifications, does price includes battery?
    Does these cars can turn on with a token or coin option incorporate in each car, or they only starts by the transmitter that turns on and off automatically ride time? Do you work with this token or coin option too?
    Do you have inflatable race track for these cars, what size do you recommend me for use 4 cars, maybe 6x5mts or 6x8mts will be fine? Send me prices.

    Thanks for your time and response.

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