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Pursuit Zone Entertainment has both
new and used
Family Fun Amusement Center Equipment

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4 player VR Omni virtual reality Arena by virtuix


Seller Needs the Space

Crazy Low Price of $9,500

This 3 story Play Ground


MBS Mechanical Bull

$14,000 Like New



LaserTron Laser Tag arena

Click here to find out more about this LaserTron System and arena




Lo learn more about this Helios laser tag system click here

Laser Tag Inflatable


Check out the new Eliminator

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If you are Looking for a Mechanical Bull,
Horse, Surfboard or even a Riding Bottle We have what you are looking for

Take a look at our new
Red Neck Mechanical Bull add on

Mechanical ride add-on

 This arm can come with you new Mechanical Bull as an option to keep the crowd coming back.

Simply remove the bull body and replace it with this moving arm and see what happens.

All of our Mechanical Rides are of the highest quality and use the very latest in technology and Design.

Our All American Made Mechanical Bulls come with a 2 year Warranty so you know we stand behind them.

Mechanical Riding Bulls for Sale

 Come see these hard working long lasting Mechanical Bulls for sale with a price of only $14,900 and $13,900 when you add the arm option.

Even includes the dolly for easy fast transport and fast set up time.

Take a look at the video of our Bull in the Grizzly Rose located in Denver Colorado, one of the largest country dance club in America, who have been using their Mechanical Bull for 3 years 4 nights a week with out having a problem.

Rides that are made for Fun and Excitement and keep your customers coming back!!

 To Learn more about these mechanical rides click here   



Markston Out Door Laser Tag 

Markston Laser Tag

28 Gun Lazer Runner Systen and Arena

Lazer Runner

Click here to find out more

XD VR Mobile Simulation Ride

To learn More about this XD Simulator Ride Click Here



To learn more about this Bazooka Ball system click here


6 Lanes of AMF Bowling for sale

AMF Bowling 6 lanes for sale

To learn more about this AMF Bowling Equipment click here 


2 Lanes of Mini Bowling 

Mini Bowling for sale

To learn more about this Mini Bowling click here


10 lanes of String-Pin bowling equipment for sale

String Pin Bowling

To find out more about this String-Pin Bowling click here 


USED 14 Gun LaZer Runner laser tag with VEST for sale

For an unheard of price $5,900

Click here to find more about this Laser Runner  laser tag equipment _______________________________________________________________________________


Delta Strike Laser Tag  Equipment Available Now

Link to this Laser Tag equipment



Begeara Portable Laser Tag

Begeara Laser Tag Equipment is the most advanced portable laser tag equipment on the market.
Set up the very portable laser tag arena made specifically for Begeara and you will be up and ready for business in no time flat.
Now you arena is set up just simply open the sturdy case, issue the Phasors to the players, plug in the Base Station, and start

earning money. No computer is required, and managing games is simple, fast and simple with the Hand Held Mission Controller.


Laser Tag Equipment

You don’t need to completely overhaul your system in order to make your FEC or laser tag facility better than ever. We have laser tag equipment for sale here at Pursuit Zone that is flexible enough for any arena.

All you have to do is decide which system is right for you, turn on the phasers, plug in the Base Station, and the game is on!

This is the kind of laser tag equipment that allows you to start a battle on any field.

Whether it’s an indoor facility or an outdoor arena, the players can start up in a snap and have a game that blows them away until only the last man remains.

The Begeara Laser Tag Equipment is the most advanced, portable laser tag equipment on the market, yet it is still simple to operate. Simply open the sturdy case, issue the Phasors to the Players, plug in the Base Station, and start earning money.

No computer is required, and managing games is simple, fast and stress-free with the Hand Held Mission Controller. Players will experience state of the art technology and a game play experience that will keep them coming back for more

The mobile outdoor laser tag system by Markston Sport also involves the new Field Navigation Pack that gives real time information about where players are in relation to you. This is an exciting feature that no other laser tag system for sale can offer you.

The mobility of this system is what makes it so superior. It has many other features that areunique to this specific laser tag system, but the ease of mobility either the Begaera or Markston laser tag takes its superiority to a whole new level.

Markston Sport Outdoor laser tag brings a whole new level to the playing field. The new GPS / COMPASS is the world’s first laser tag gun that gives you real time information as to where you are in relation to others around you.

That’s right. Just like what you see in the movies, Markston Sport introduces its amazing new Field Navigation Pack, utilizing GPS and digital compass to indicate the position of field accessories and teammates. Objects located within 200m of the player are displayed on the screen in a manner that allows players to determine their direction and approximate distance.

Also, the Markston Sport MS4 and its accessories represent more than one style of operation. The MS4’s features and modes of operation, which no other laser tag gun offers you, makes it the most flexible Laser Tag system on the market today.

Stand out from the competition with these fabulous features that no one also can offer you.

Come see this exciting new outdoor laser tag product and
give us a call so that we can answer any questions you may have


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  1. Hey I was looking for some bumper boats. I would like to have 3 or 4 if you could give me a price on some new or used one that would be great thanks.

  2. I have 16 laser force Genz vests and guns that I’m wanting to sell, as we are closing our family fun center. Please contact me if interested. Thank you

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