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Indoor Resort Water Park Slide for sale

Indoor Resort Water Park Slide for sale

Are you looking to add an Indoor water slide?

We have a complete water slide with 2 slides the come out of the top of the building going out side and back around into the pool in the building.

Inside of the building  includes 1 Dumping

bucket, 4 Spray Arms, 1 Small Slide, 2 Spray cannons, 3 Interactive water wheels and a Pass thru tunnel.

All of the pumps and filters are included with this water slide.

The slide is currently  being dismantled and being staged for shipment.

This Water Park slide is only 12 years old and you can buy it for a fraction of what you will pay for it new.

If you would like to know more about this slide give us a call 877-484-9621

Butterflies make a great attraction for your fun center

Butterfly Fun Center Attractions for sale

Would you like a totally new attraction in your fun center?

New Fun center attraction for your business

If you want to provide birthday parties that will make memories that last a life time this is the attraction you need to add.

With this is a new concept that is not only fun but educational. Children and adults alike can enjoy the wonder and beauty of butterflies.

Watch this short video and be amazed at what you could do.

If you would like to know more about this new concept in this fun center butterfly attraction click on this link

Kiddie Train Business – Analysis

Have you been considering a kiddie train or a mini train as a business opportunity?

Pursuit Zone was recently asked to sell a Wattman kiddy train that is currently used at a mall.  Since this mini train is trackless, it can be used inside or outdoors.  After visiting with the owner,  I found myself thinking about kiddie trains as a small business opportunity.


What services can the owner of a mini train charge for?  

  1. Children can pay for a ride.
  2. The train can be rented on an hourly basis.

How much could be charged per ride?  

The owner of the mini train that Pursuit Zone currently has for sell charges $3 per ride.

How much money could I make with a trackless mini-train?  

I’m going to use our seller’s business model:  I am also going to be extremely conservative in my estimates.

  • Each ride last about 8 minutes.  16 kids can ride at one time.  (16 x $3= $48 )
  • Lets assume that you ran a full train 3  times per hour – ($48 x 3) = $144 per hour.   (I’m assuming that its takes a bit to get all of the kids loaded and unloaded.)
  • Let’s assume that over the holiday shopping season, you ran the train only 8 hours.  $144 x 8 = $1,152 per day.
  • 7 days per week:     $1,152 x 7 = $8,064 per week.
  • Let’s assume that you are only going to run the train only for the Christmas holiday shopping season  5 weeks total -$8,064 x 5 = $40,320

If you had two trains to run in the mall, you could be loading kids into one train while the other train is running it’s route.

How much do these trackless trains cost?  Well, it depends if you buy new or used.

If you want to contact someone with Wattman to find out what their trains sell for go to     I’m sure there are other manufacturers but this company is extremely reputable.

Is it better to buy new or used?  

Similar to buying a car or house, there are pro’s and cons to both.     You will potentially save a lot of money if you buy used.  However, be sure to find out about how well it has been maintained and what kind of maintenance issues it has had.

If you buy new, it still could break down or have mechanical issues – so be sure to ask about the warranty.

You may be purchasing a train that is manufactured outside the United States……  timely manufacture and shipping can create huge challenges.

Aside from a shopping mall, where else could these mini trains or kiddie trains be used?  

As with most other businesses in the fun and entertainment industry – uses are limited only by the entrepreneur’s imagination:

zoos, football games, baseball games,  fun and entertainment centers, flea markets, farmers markets, carnivals, parades  and other special events.

If I wanted to rent a kiddie train out by the hour, what are some types of venues where I could do that?  

Birthday parties, church fairs, company picnics, holiday events etc.


Are there any other business considerations?  

I always recommend speaking with an attorney and a small business accountant that is familiar with your local area’s regulations.     Other considerations will include :  insurance,  taxes,  routine maintenance and employee/staffing considerations.   Will you be the primary operator or will you have employees?   Will this be a cash based business?    If you have employees and it is a cash based business, you need to consider how you will ensure that you receive all cash collected.

Are there other money making opportunities that could generate income with a kiddie train business:  

Again – the entrepreneurs imagination is the limit.

  • Photos of kids that are taken of the train, while in a cool spot where the parents are not going to be able to easily snap a picture with their cell phone.
  • snacks, drinks, or vending machine in the waiting area.
  • train items for sale items

If you have any tips, advise or ideas about mini train business or operating a kiddie train business, please feel free to share them in the comments.




About the author:  Sondra Meyer has been licensed as a CPA in the state of Texas since the mid 1990’s.   She loves helping small business owners accomplish their goals in the most financially prudent manner possible.   Thus, she found herself working in marketing & sales also.   She is the proud mother of two boys and one grandson.

Do you want to improve your bull riding skills? Or Just have Fun?

Do you want to improve your bull riding skills?  Or just have fun?  Well, this mechanical bull looks great, eats nothing, and is happy to stand around when not in use!  What a deal.

Rockin' B Mechanical Bull for Sale
Rockin’ B Mechanical Bull for Sale

This Rockin’ B Mechanical Bull has been just offered for sale.    Are you familiar with Rockin’ B mechanical bulls?

Rockin’ B  Mechanical Bulls / Bucking Machines were developed by  a former bull rider – Bill Beaty.  He manufactured the Rockin’ B  mechanical bulls in Cheyenne, OK.      According to the  Bill’s website:   ” Rockin’ B bulls were marketed all across the U.S. and to many countries around the world.  The bulls were used for rodeo training by top cowboys such as Ty Murray but also used for entertainment purposes by artists such as Brooks and Dunn and Brad Paisley, etc.”   

This particular mechanical bull has been standing in the garage for a while.   He’s only been used about 20 times.    He runs on 220v.    This mechanical bull is located in North Carolina.

If this mechanical bull or any of our others are of interest, be sure to check out Used Mechanical Bulls for Sale  

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.


Fun Fall Ideas for Indoor Playgrounds

Francesca’s Fun Fall Ideas for Indoor Playgrounds:

Fall is in the air.   As the days  getting shorter and cooler,  indoor playgrounds will get even more use.     I was talking to  Francesca, who has an indoor playground that she really needs to get sold.   She had some great fall fun ideas for indoor playgrounds that I thought were  worth sharing.

Fun Fall Ideas
Fun Fall Ideas

Francesca’s Fun Fall Indoor Playground Ideas:

1.  “I would always have the unit decorated with theme season. If it was Halloween I would wrap the poles with the orange leaves to make the unit look so cool.”
Indoor Playground that is for Sale.
Francesca’s Indoor Playground that is for Sale.
2.  The Freeze Game:   “I used to have the kids choose a spot in the unit.  I would  have the music play they would move around  and when I stopped the music they had to stop and clap.   If they went down the slide they were out of the freeze game.”

Francesca’s Used  Indoor Playground for sale 

“The best about owning a unit like this one is that  it attracts more business.  Kids enjoy this unit and can never get tired running around in it and parents feel safe  that no injures occur due to being a soft play.”- Francesca

Dimensions are 20 foot by 8 foot by 7 foot tall.

1. This play unit is an integrated soft structure.
2. It is in great condition. Only thing very dusty at this point cause they are starting to work at the building.
3. My age groups were normally ranging  2 to  10 years  old. But I believe from my experience with the unit, it was perfect for ages between  4 to 8.
Price – $4,800
If you have any fall fun idea’s for indoor playgrounds, please share them in the comments section below.   

Check out this Mayan Themed Indoor Playground / Obstacle Course

It is time to get this super fun, Mayan themed indoor playground sold!  Kids between the ages of 3 to 10 years old love exploring this ancient Mayan themed obstacle course / playground.

Mayan themed basket ball court and obstacle course
Mayan themed basket ball court and obstacle course

The fun features include:

Mini Zip Line
Mini Zip Line

a mini zip line,

monkey bars, multiple slides, roller bars

Multiple slides and roller bars
Multiple slides and roller bars

ropes and a mini basket ball area.  And…. it even has a little toddler playground space.  I’m sure there are some fun things that I forgot to mention.

Toddler Unit
Toddler Unit

This indoor playground was manufactured by Orca Coast Playgrounds.   It is around 6 or 7 years old and has been well maintained.

For additional photographs, click this following link:  Used Indoor Playground for Sale

Used Price – $19,999   as of October 4, 2016


Battlefield Pro Mobile Laser Tag Business for sale

Mobile Laser Tag Business Trailer Packed with Inflatable arenas and Battlefield Sports equipment

Mobile Laser Tag b

Everything neatly packed up in trailer

Everything is organized and stored in the trailer and ready for delivery. This is a Laser Tag Turn Key Mobile Laser Tag Business.

Everything you need to make a fixed location, or mobile business.

Trailer provides power. Batteries in trailer are charged with standard battery charger plugged into a wall. The generator can charge the batteries as well. This setup is capable of running 3 events at the same time. With one event you can have 32 Players playing at the same time.

Business comes with professional built website by Mainstreet Host and email. Hosting is paid till next March, then hosting fee is $400/year. $1,000 will buy the website outright from Mainstreet Host. You get 30 minutes of tech support a month. I paid $6400. Website is free.
iPad Air with Square Register system for credit card processing. (No Sim card)

Laser Tag Guns Battlefield Sports brand used. All is factory refurbished and updated to firmware

Entire Family Entertainment Center Liquidation Sale

Entire Inventory of Family Fun Center Lost Their Lease and Must be Sold

Everything could be yours for ONLY $56k

Total value when new $153,655  To lean more about this FEC sale click here.FEC-for-sale_2

Items includes:  

4 level soft play unit, (custom all kids play) 18′ climbing tower-3 baleys, Toddler soft play equipment, 72″ large screen tv, 2-54″ large screen tv, 17 custom display racks – café, Café overhead marque, Café custom lighting, Custom front counter, Ice cream freezer, 2 red 9′ top & bot. Cabinets, 7- 48″ round kids tables, 3-96″ kids tables, 60 kids chairs, 8′ wall mirrors, 8 custom 18″ café tables, custom 18″ café seats, 2 – custom shoe cubbies, Coat rack, True 2 door uprite ref, 6′ kitchen cabinets/ sink, Micro wave, Ice machine, Stainless steel rack, Circular custom windows, 3 strobe lights, 2 speakers, Wall decorations, Set double doors, Custom seating bench wall, Office equipment – desks, files, Pos system/ 3 screens & Business computer system,
These are leasehold items that must be removed from or cut out of walls or cut off floor.

The FEC will be closing at the end of June and will need to be emptied shortly there after.

Now is the time to make a grate deal before it gets away.

Used Mechanical Bull for sale

All American IIINew and used Mechanical bulls for sale

Are you looking for a Mechanical Bull? We have both New and used Mechanical Bulls for sale.

Our long lasting USA  made, New All American Mechanical Bulls, come with a 3 year warranty and are normally $12.500.

IMG_3356Just for the Memorial Day week we are offering our NEW mechanical bull for only $9,995   call 877-484-9621

Sale is now over but we do have a refurbished Mechanical Bull for $8,900

Take a look at what our long time customers have to say:

Kevin Walker

“I bought a bull from Greg at All American Rides 8 Years ago have run it every week for 8 years probably given approximately 200,000 rides with no issues. We use it to bring people to our ministry and it has been priceless.”

Ricky Rubio
Soundman Entertainment

“We have had an All American Bull for 3 years and it has worked flawlessly. We have had single days were the bull has made over 3,000.00 dollars in one day. We are here in Texas where the real cowboys are and this bull handles everything we have had to put it thru in flying colors.”

Take a look at the dueling bulls


Trampoline Dodge Ball Arena for sale

Trampoline Dodge Ball Court Arena for sale

Trampoline-Arena_2This Dodge Ball Court Arena Trampoline is built to a very high specification by Best American Trampolines in Texas.

This will make a great addition to any FEC or trampoline park.

Perfect for open jump and dodge ball.

This arena is 60′ x 30′ and was installed July 2013 and is in Excellent condition.

Enclosed on 3 sides by incline walls it can accommodate 20+ players and is suitable for all age groups.Trampoline-Arena_3

Included with this trampoline are 60′ walkway running full length of the open side of the trampoline, steps lead up to the walkway and all netting required to fully enclose the trampoline court.



Take a look at this video and see how much fun this is. At Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in – Mississauga, Ontario – Canada.  This is what there customers say “How our team spends staff meetings. Nothing says team building like a dodgeball to the FACE!”

This arena has many different uses and would be a great addition to your facility. Be the only entertainment center to have such a unique attraction that no-one else has.

To learn more contact Pursuit Zone at 877-484-9621 or follow this link – Dodgeball Trampoline Arena for sale.

Mini Glow Golf Business for Sale

Looking for a turnkey business you can step into and make money?


This Mini Glow Golf with 3D effects is a beautifully done business located in a mall with top anchor stores near buy. With lots of mall traffic and not much else to do in the area this is the perfect business to buy now as it is only 6 months old.  This 3D Glow Mini Golf business has lots of potential.


The great thing about this business is it is growing with virtually no where else to have your kids birthday party or special event where you everyone can have allot of fun.

With this new and upcoming attraction location comes with 3 websites and social media already set up just waiting to be promoted to grow your new business.

To find out how you could own your own Mini Golf Business for sale follow this link or give us a call toll free at 877-484-9621

We have many new and used fun center attractions available to choose from and Pursuit Zone. Come visit us and let us know what we can do for you.

Brunswick Bowling Alley Equipment for sale

Make an Offer Now on this Bowling Alley fun Center Equipment
that will be sold quickly

Offers are being accepted until March 31st So act Now

This is a Complete Bowling Alley Fun center with a complete Kitchen that is for sale in North Carolina
Brunswick Bowling for sale
Take a look at the inventory list and make an offer. You never know how cheap this might sell for because of the tight time frame as too it needing to be sold. Make an Offer NOW!! if you think you want it, it is sure to go for pennies on the dollar.

Brunswick Bowling alley for sale


Follow the link below To learn more about this deal including 66 pictures of the equipment. This is a really nice fun center that needs a new home.

We also have lots of other bowling equipment available. To see more click on this link to go to our bowling equipment page.  Or call Pursuit Zone at 877-484-9621


AMF Bowling Alley Equipment

Used Bowling Equipment For sale

We have 2 packages of AMF Bowling Equipment that just became available

There is a 10 lane AMF bowling alley package lane and a 20 lane AMF bowling package. Both of these packages have be meticulously maintained. You can see from the photos that they are in extremely nice shape. Amf Rear view of 82-70s

This bowling equipment is located in Ohio and can be inspected at you convenience.

We have an expert Bowling installer that has been in the business for more than 40 years available if you do not have someone you already prefer to work with.

We also have many more systems available for you to choose from if this is not what you are looking for. We have both Brunswick and AMF. The older equipment is a way you can put bowling in your town for a very affordable price.

To find out more about the bowling packages give us a call at 877-484-9621 or visit us at Pursuit Zone for all you family entertainment needs.  We sell both new and used equipment and we can even sell your equipment.

For All Your Family Entertainment Center Needs