Connect 4 Arcade Game for sale

Giant Ticket Redemption Video Arcade Game

With this game the players take turns dropping checkers into the grid using the buttons on a panel they sit in-front of.  Connect 4 Arcade Game

Push the button with the arrow that corresponds with the direction you want to go and try to connect four in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally to win tickets.

Win and you enter the bonus round to rack up even greater points. The bonus round players can win up to 500 tickets by pressing the drop button at just right time.

Players can either play solo against the computer or against another person.

Redemption games are a tried and true game that generates revenue and keep the customers coming back. When your customer sees a prize they want they will spend more time and money playing the game to win that prize.

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Used 10 lanes Brunswick Bowling

Turn-Key installation at a great price

This Brunswick equipment includes the following:

* Pinsetters are currently GS-98 – Can be upgraded upgraded to GSXUsed Brunswick Bowling for sale
* Frameworx scoring
* Pro-lane surfaces
* bumper gutters
* Everything you need to open your bowling center

This equipment is 12 years old and the bowing alley has been closed for 4 yrs

* It is all Brunswick equipment
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36 Player Infusion Laser Tag System

Infusion Laser Tag for sale

Now you can have top of the line Laser Tag Equipment for a price you can afford.Infusion is the solution that can deliver almost any game format you desire.
This is a used 36 player laser tag  system for only $19,995.00

System includes 2 bases, full computer system and scoring so you will be able to have full functionality to create leagues, birthday parties and teams to make your center the talk of the town.

Infusion laser tag is the solution that can deliver almost any game format you desire.

With these Basic Specifications:

  • Phaser weighs only 1.2 lbs
  • Pack weighs only 6 lbs
  • Red, Yellow and Blue team colors
  • Spherical Tag Zones – great for 3D Arenas
  • Game Arena Devices
  • Customizable voice and sound effects
  • Intelligent battery packs (1000+ hours)
  • Inbuilt intelligent charging system
  • All injection moulded plastics
  • Full inbuilt game audit control
  • Swaptronics – Easy 1st line maintenance
  • XP Based Software – Point and Click
  • MANY, MANY more features!

The Advanced Infusion Specifications includes:

  • Instant Downloads
  • Exceptional Game Variety
  • Real Time Scores
  • Multiple Scoreboard Types to suit the game being played
  • Real Time Audio and Visual Feedback
  • Continuous Format Games

To learn more about this Infusion laser tag  equipment or other laser tag equipment we have available give us a call @ 877-484-9621 or visit us at

Resurfaced Wate Slide For Sale

Like new Water Slide

Water SlideIt is now time to get ready for summer. With this new water slide you will be the new hit for your area.  Whether you want to put it in your back yard or at a commercial pool you are sure to have allot of fun in the sun.

This slide is 12 Years old and is a Surface Mounted Open Body Water Slide.  It is 70’ Long x 36” Wide.  

The Interior and Exterior Resurfacing Color to be Determine by Buyer

Water Slide for sale

You can buy the slide and install it yourself for a bargain price (REDUCED) off $19,900

If you would like it all done for you the price of $72,000 Includes: Delivery, Installation, New Water Pump, Electrical and Plumbing Hookup, Concrete, Six Metal Mounting Brackets, Start-up & Operational Training ( Does not include site excavation) and a THREE-YEAR WARRANTY


If you would like just the slide a price of $47,990 Includes: Resurfaced Fiberglass Sections and Connecting Flange Bolts.
Compared to $80,000 for New Slide you will save allot of money.

Price is negotiable so let us know if you are interested.  877-484-9621  or visit us at for more information on this and other slides we have for sale.

ABC Pastime Batting Cages for sale

6 station Batting Cage equipment by ABC Pastime Machine

used Batting Cage for salePlease ask if you would like to see original invoice showing everything that was purchased in 2012.

Included are:

4 ABC Pastime Baseball Machine
2 ABC Pastime Softball Machine
Plus, you get the elevator and sorter machine.
All bats
Tokens and it does have 4 coin boxes.
You get everything necessary to operate with the exception of the fencing and netting.

For more information on these Batting Cages click here

Used Creative Works Lazer Frenzy for sale

Creative Works Lazer Frenzy

Looking for something different to add to your family fun center?

Lazer FrenzyWe have a Lazer Frenzy by Creative Works that needs a new home.

This was manufactured in 2011 and has many additional features that you will like.  This Lazer Frenzy is still in operation so if you would like to see it in operation this can be arranged.

With the Frenzy Room Kit – A complete pre-fabricated enclosure if not building a separate room or using a separate room or using an existing space; made from aluminum channeling and laminated walls.

We have the original equipment list for this arena that we can send you upon request.

Features a multiple difficulty levels.
The lazer maze comes with embedded tag points
Low light camera system
Fogger and The sound system
Also has other attractions
Good condition with rebuilt fogger assembly and new difficulty board. Spare parts package
Cleaned Daily
Room size is 8ft X 20ft

For more information about this Lazer Frenzy game follow this link

Used bumper boats for sale

J&J Amusements Bumper Boats

bumper boats


We have used J&J amusements bumper boats just for your facility. Get ready for spring now with these bumper boats that are great fun. You will want to buy these now while they are at fall prices. You will save money and know you have them so you can get ready for the next season.

Information about the boats:

Battery Powered includes chargers

Locattion: Avondale, PA

Manufactured in 2000

They are in good condition but have slightly faded in the sun

If you would like to learn more about these used bumper boats follow this link

Used Laser Tag Equipment for sale

Tippmann Laser Tag Equipment and Inflatable Bunker Arena for sale

Sorry, But the guns have been sold but we still have the arena.

Thinking about getting into Laser Tag? This laser tag equipment is all you need to get started.

This is a great deal on a barely used 12 gun indoor/outdoor laser tag system. It even comes with Inflatable Bunkers.  These bunkers are easy to inflate and set up.  They can be used either indoor or out door with weighted bases they are able to stand up to lite wind.


This mobile laser tag equipment includes:

  • 12 ICombat laser tag guns
  • Custom made by TippMann converted from paintball guns.
  • Units are in perfect order, and have only been turned on twice.
  • Along with the guns comes wireless router allowing you to connect guns to computer with free software.
  • Also comes with 2 IR targets which when connected can be used as respawns or point scoring or base destroying.
  • 23 inflatable bunkers
  • Industrial air compressor

Seller is also offering free shipping in the USA

More information:

You do not need to worry about support for these guns and they can be easily upgraded to Paint Ball or Bazooka Ball guns.

Good day. We have a full field setup of tactical inflatable bunkers for sale, and comes with industrial air compressor to fill them. Selling at huge discount of total worth. have only been used twice. if interested, please let us know.

If you would like to know about this deal or see other deals we have follow this link used laser tag equipment or give us a call at 877-484-9621

For new Laser Tag Equipment click here

The Guns have been SOLD but the Bunkers are still available

Begeara Inflatable Laser Tag Arena

Sealed Inflatable Laser Tag Arena

This Laser Tag inflatable maze designed for laser tag is the most versatile  portable arena there is.

How easy can it be?

Take a look at this video  to see how easy it is —>

This inflatable maze is a “sealed inflatable”, which means you blow it up, seal it, and it stays up.


Laser Tag Inflatable

You do not need a constant blower in constant operation, and since its outside and the sides are open even the new Australian legislation covering unsealed Inflatables is taking another look.

From the video you see how you can simply drive to your location, lay out the arena, inflate grab your Begeara laser tag  system and play.

With setup and tear-down so quick and easy you will be able to do more events in more places at a lower cost.

Have you ever tried to set up a 40ft X 40ft inflatable arena? It is not an easy task along with needing allot of help. Then being in an enclosed space and the need for constant power and noise to keep it inflated you will soon appreciate using an arena that has sealed air chambers and is quiet once it is set up.

Arena Layout

Combine this arena with the very portable Begeara Laser Tag Equipment and you have the perfect combination to put on a Laser Tag event that is sure to impress your clients.

To learn more about what Laser Tag Equipment might be best for you just follow the link here.

If you are ready for the most advance Laser tag system and accompanying inflatable arena give us a call 877-484-9621 or follow this link to Begeara portable laser tag.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will answer and questions you may have.

We also have any new and used FEC rides and games that will keep your fun center fresh to keep your customer coming back again and again.


Used Soft Play for Kids for sale

Looking for a play ground for kids


This Softplay playground is ready for a new home.

Selling for a bargain price of $5,900 you  can get into providing a fun safe playground in your area.

This is a 16’x28′ colorful softplay system that is approx 15′ tall

Located in Avondale, PA just waiting for you to come pick it up.  We also have bumper boats and 40 snow tubes from the same seller.

Give us a call 877-484-9621 on follow this link to find out more.

SoftPlay playground for sale

Used Mobile Bumper Cars for sale

Used Portable Bumper Cars

We have just been given 4 battery powered bumper cars with and inflatable arena.

Seller is open to excepting best offer for these bumper cars.

They have been used a little more than a year and are still in good condition.

There are 4 battery powered bumper cars that come with this along with an inflatable arena that are for sale. The cars have been repainted to glow with florescent paint to glow under a black light, but also look fine in regular lighting.

Unlike most bumper cars, these can be used an any hard surface (no need for an electric floor or ceiling).

If you are looking for a mobile business or have been thinking about adding to what you already have.  You will want to look at this is great mobile business as the bumper car arena is inflatable and everything can travel by trailer.

Double wall arena is roughly 25′ x 25′ outside.

Cars have been used about 1 year and have some miner dings and scratches.  Floor of arena is worn a bit but still works fine.

Included in price
4 Bumper Cars with batteries
2 Remote starters
1 inflatable arena with blower
1 Battery charger (charges 8 batteries)

Prefer local pick up may be able to assist in arranging shipping.

To find more information about these Bumper cars on this link

Buy a really nice used Mechanical Bull

This is a great deal that will not last long

We have just been authorized to sell this trade-in mechanical bull that is in very nice condition.  It comes from the manufacture complete with a 1 year warranty.

This is manufactured in United States of America and is supported from South Carolina.

With a price of only $7,800 you will not find a better price anywhere for a used mechanical riding bull.

The really fun things about this bull is it has eyes that lite up.  It is covered with real cow hide and has a rubber head to save you on insurance.

There is a optional cart dolly that will fit through a 36″ door and is easy to store.  With  a 20 minute setup time you will be making money with this in no time flat.

You may not want a used riding bull and would prefer a new one.  Keep in mind this mechanical bull is not yet a year old and is in like new condition.  The sale price of a new American made bull is only $12,500 so if you buy this used bull you get all the perks of a new one but you bill pay  $4,700 less than the sale price of a new bull.

Yesterday I was at the country bar in town and was talking with the bartender about the night they brought in a mechanical riding bull for the night.  She confirmed that the revenue that the bar made was much higher than normal. She was looking forward to the next time they bring it back because she made so much more in tips that night.

If you are looking to increase revenue and provide a fun new event at you facility you really want to take a look ant this used mechanical riding bull we have for sale.

If you prefer a new mechanical riding bull we can provide you with that also.

Give us a call at 877-484-9621 to find out more.

Really Nice Used Brunswick Bowling equipment for sale

If you are looking to open a bowling center you need to take a look at this equipment

This bowling alley has been really well taken care of and is in excellent condition. Take a look at this used bowling equipment for sale as it  was upgraded in 2008 and as you look at the photos you will see it is in really good condition.

You will get newer Scoring system, Synthetic lanes with cribbing, gutters, balls, shoes, tables chairs etc… Everything you need to open your bowling center.Used Brunswick equipment for sale

If you choose to have us install this bowling equipment it will be installed by certified installers with over 20 years of experience who know what they are doing. Since they will be the ones pulling it out and reinstalling it the whole operation will go smoothly and on time.

We have a warehouse full of Bowling Equipment for sale so let us know what you are looking for because there is a pretty good probability we will be able to help you.

Keep in mind that if you are looking for Brunswick GSX 2 equipment it is harder to come by and has a much higher price.  The Brunswick A2 equipment is not that much different with the exception of the control part of the system. If it has been upgraded then it will have the same functionality and reliability of the newer GSX equipment. The parts are readily available so repair and maintenance is not a problem.

Something to consider is overhead. Overhead is what kills many businesses. If you choose the Brunswick A2 pinsetters you will get the same service from them at a much lower cost.

If you want to install it your self or by someone you already know, the price is 12,000.00 per lane loaded on your truck. If you would like us to install it at your facility we are offering a Turnkey installing for $24,000.00 per lane plus shipping.

So email us or give us a call @ 877-484-9621 and we will help you get started with everything you need to start your bowling center

For All Your Family Entertainment Center Needs