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Used Mobile Bumper Cars for sale

Used Portable Bumper Cars

We have just been given 4 battery powered bumper cars with and inflatable arena.

Seller is open to excepting best offer for these bumper cars.

They have been used a little more than a year and are still in good condition.

There are 4 battery powered bumper cars that come with this along with an inflatable arena that are for sale. The cars have been repainted to glow with florescent paint to glow under a black light, but also look fine in regular lighting.

Unlike most bumper cars, these can be used an any hard surface (no need for an electric floor or ceiling).

If you are looking for a mobile business or have been thinking about adding to what you already have.  You will want to look at this is great mobile business as the bumper car arena is inflatable and everything can travel by trailer.

Double wall arena is roughly 25′ x 25′ outside.

Cars have been used about 1 year and have some miner dings and scratches.  Floor of arena is worn a bit but still works fine.

Included in price
4 Bumper Cars with batteries
2 Remote starters
1 inflatable arena with blower
1 Battery charger (charges 8 batteries)

Prefer local pick up may be able to assist in arranging shipping.

To find more information about these Bumper cars on this link