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Thank you for your interest in opening an entertainment facility. We are independent representative for laser tag equipment as well as many other products that you may need for your new or existing business be it a laser tag location or fun center.

Be it indoor or outdoor equipment. I have been in contact with the best people in the entertainment business since 1992 and have a ‘short list’ I developed over the years of the ‘go-to’ people that understand customer service, supply outstanding competitive products and pricing.  If you are looking for specific pieces either new or used…call us toll free @ 1-877-484-9621 as I have contacts across the country



If you are looking for laser tag equipment for the indoor market, please visit Begeara laser tag to review our wide range of indoor products. Zone Laser tag carries everything from high-end products all the way to the mobile market. We also offer in-house financing at ZERO percent interest in most cases to qualified applicants.


If you are looking for the best outdoor laser tag equipment, please visit PursuitZone Laser Tag and Laser Tag.pdf.

You will be able to learn about outdoor laser tag products as well as the fantastic product for the mobile market – the BEGEARA system.


Looking for business plans? Industry revenue projections? Tips on site selection? Need one source for all your start up information without the sales hype?

This incredible website has over 14 years worth of accumulated information that has helped hundreds of locations start up and succeed.


Every 3 months, Zone Laser Tag has a fantastic one day conference that helps you start your laser tag business faster and easier.

Zone Laser Tag does not charge for the conference and it is open to qualified candidates. Please visit www.lasertagseminars.com  for more information.

If there is anything I can do for your project please feel free to call me at 1-877-484-9621.


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