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Trampoline Dodge Ball Arena for sale

Trampoline Dodge Ball Court Arena for sale

Trampoline-Arena_2This Dodge Ball Court Arena Trampoline is built to a very high specification by Best American Trampolines in Texas.

This will make a great addition to any FEC or trampoline park.

Perfect for open jump and dodge ball.

This arena is 60′ x 30′ and was installed July 2013 and is in Excellent condition.

Enclosed on 3 sides by incline walls it can accommodate 20+ players and is suitable for all age groups.Trampoline-Arena_3

Included with this trampoline are 60′ walkway running full length of the open side of the trampoline, steps lead up to the walkway and all netting required to fully enclose the trampoline court.



Take a look at this video and see how much fun this is. At Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in – Mississauga, Ontario – Canada.  This is what there customers say “How our team spends staff meetings. Nothing says team building like a dodgeball to the FACE!”

This arena has many different uses and would be a great addition to your facility. Be the only entertainment center to have such a unique attraction that no-one else has.

To learn more contact Pursuit Zone at 877-484-9621 or follow this link – Dodgeball Trampoline Arena for sale.

ABC Pastime Batting Cages for sale

6 station Batting Cage equipment by ABC Pastime Machine

used Batting Cage for salePlease ask if you would like to see original invoice showing everything that was purchased in 2012.

Included are:

4 ABC Pastime Baseball Machine
2 ABC Pastime Softball Machine
Plus, you get the elevator and sorter machine.
All bats
Tokens and it does have 4 coin boxes.
You get everything necessary to operate with the exception of the fencing and netting.

For more information on these Batting Cages click here

Used Creative Works Lazer Frenzy for sale

Creative Works Lazer Frenzy

Looking for something different to add to your family fun center?

Lazer FrenzyWe have a Lazer Frenzy by Creative Works that needs a new home.

This was manufactured in 2011 and has many additional features that you will like.  This Lazer Frenzy is still in operation so if you would like to see it in operation this can be arranged.

With the Frenzy Room Kit – A complete pre-fabricated enclosure if not building a separate room or using a separate room or using an existing space; made from aluminum channeling and laminated walls.

We have the original equipment list for this arena that we can send you upon request.

Features a multiple difficulty levels.
The lazer maze comes with embedded tag points
Low light camera system
Fogger and The sound system
Also has other attractions
Good condition with rebuilt fogger assembly and new difficulty board. Spare parts package
Cleaned Daily
Room size is 8ft X 20ft

For more information about this Lazer Frenzy game follow this link

Archery Target Hoverball

Hoverball-Shooting-Gallery_cHere are three tips on practicing archery

When you are first starting out get up close to the target.

As you practice you will find it is exercise using a bow. You may struggle at first until you build the muscle to pull back the bow and be steady. You will build your stamina in time so be patient with your self.

What you want to do is try to be as consistent as you can. Try to do the same thing every time.
When you are first starting out it doesn’t matter whether you’re hitting the bulls eye or not.

That’s not what you’re practicing for. What you’re practicing for is to shoot every arrow the same way every time.

The more you practice the steadier you will become.

You may think that is impossible. You may think I cannot do it, but don’t let that stop you from trying. Because the more you try, the better you will get.

Remember, the more you practice the more you will build you muscles and the steadier you will become. You may think perfection is impossible to obtain, but the more time you spend practicing archery the better you will get. So, practice as much as you possibly can.

If you would like an inexpensive safe way to begin you may consider Hover Ball inflatable target with a specially designed Bow and Arrows that are safe to use anywhere.

As you get better and are hitting the bull’s-eye most of the time it is time to increase your distance.

You will want to practice shooting from different distances.
As you improve your accuracy, move back to challenge yourself.
Eventually, you will move back as far as 100 yards and be hitting the bull’s-eye at the center of the target

That’s the distance they shoot in the Olympics. 90 meters, which is almost 100 yards.
Imagine being accurate and consistent at that distance.
A lot of people are.

It is amazing to watch and the reason they become amazing was because of practicing.
There is no getting away from it.

Used Brunswick GSX 2 bowling equipment For Sale

Used Brunswick GSX 2 bowling equipment For Sale

Used 10 lane Brunswick bowling alley


We have been authorized to sell this
– only used 7 months –
Bowling Equipment at an unheard of price !!!

10 Lanes for only $110,000
Thats only $11,000 per lane



Package includes the following:

* 10 Complete Brunswick bowling lanes (laminate)
* 10 x 32″ score monitors
* 230 Bowling pins (20 per alley)
* 60 Bowling Balls
* 80 pairs of bowling shoes; various sizes
* Pin setter machine
* 10 cafeteria table sets (4 chairs per table)
* Various spare parts for the alleys: gaskets, bearings, o-rings, etc.

Bowing Equipment is ready to be shipped, packed in 3- 40′ shipping containers.

Please view these pictures and let me know if you are interested in buying the complete Bowling Equipment package on “as is” basis

Archery Tag amusement game

Archery Tag – What is it?

Archery Tag is the newest phenomenon in friendly combat sporting. Archery Tag gives the
Bow and Arrow a brand new twist

Archer Tag the new paintball wit out the mess

This is the new paintball with out the mess

With foam tipped arrows, you are in competition to see who is the best hunter

Archery Tag is a game of survival

You will master the art of hunting with a bow and arrow as you duck and hide not only to keep from getting tagged by an arrow but to tag youropponents

Archery tag is a high energy and fast paced event

Make sure you know who is around you

Remember the hunter is also the hunted

Archery tag can be played almost anywhere – indoor or outdoor

Archer Tag the new paintball wit out the mess

Create a mobile amusement business or add to your existing family fun center.

This new attraction is sure to entice a whole new customer base with its unique challenge.

You can set up Archery Tag almost anywhere.

With the inflatable obstacles to hide behind you can have an exiting fun filled workout in no time.

Click Here to learn more about this Archery Tag amusement game