Archery Tag amusement game

Archery Tag – What is it?

Archery Tag is the newest phenomenon in friendly combat sporting. Archery Tag gives the
Bow and Arrow a brand new twist

Archer Tag the new paintball wit out the mess

This is the new paintball with out the mess

With foam tipped arrows, you are in competition to see who is the best hunter

Archery Tag is a game of survival

You will master the art of hunting with a bow and arrow as you duck and hide not only to keep from getting tagged by an arrow but to tag youropponents

Archery tag is a high energy and fast paced event

Make sure you know who is around you

Remember the hunter is also the hunted

Archery tag can be played almost anywhere – indoor or outdoor

Archer Tag the new paintball wit out the mess

Create a mobile amusement business or add to your existing family fun center.

This new attraction is sure to entice a whole new customer base with its unique challenge.

You can set up Archery Tag almost anywhere.

With the inflatable obstacles to hide behind you can have an exiting fun filled workout in no time.

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