Fun Fall Ideas for Indoor Playgrounds

Francesca’s Fun Fall Ideas for Indoor Playgrounds:

Fall is in the air.   As the days  getting shorter and cooler,  indoor playgrounds will get even more use.     I was talking to  Francesca, who has an indoor playground that she really needs to get sold.   She had some great fall fun ideas for indoor playgrounds that I thought were  worth sharing.

Fun Fall Ideas
Fun Fall Ideas

Francesca’s Fun Fall Indoor Playground Ideas:

1.  “I would always have the unit decorated with theme season. If it was Halloween I would wrap the poles with the orange leaves to make the unit look so cool.”
Indoor Playground that is for Sale.
Francesca’s Indoor Playground that is for Sale.
2.  The Freeze Game:   “I used to have the kids choose a spot in the unit.  I would  have the music play they would move around  and when I stopped the music they had to stop and clap.   If they went down the slide they were out of the freeze game.”

Francesca’s Used  Indoor Playground for sale 

“The best about owning a unit like this one is that  it attracts more business.  Kids enjoy this unit and can never get tired running around in it and parents feel safe  that no injures occur due to being a soft play.”- Francesca

Dimensions are 20 foot by 8 foot by 7 foot tall.

1. This play unit is an integrated soft structure.
2. It is in great condition. Only thing very dusty at this point cause they are starting to work at the building.
3. My age groups were normally ranging  2 to  10 years  old. But I believe from my experience with the unit, it was perfect for ages between  4 to 8.
Price – $4,800
If you have any fall fun idea’s for indoor playgrounds, please share them in the comments section below.   

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